African Landscape. Fish Eagle - Zambia's national bird.
Andrea enjoying a moment on flatdogs river edge. Andrea getting close to a lion.
Andrea taking notes of the elephants. Baby and mother Puku.
Baby Baboon. Baby elephant stuck in the mud.
Bobou Tree. Chillin out at flatdogs and Mike has a visitor.
Close up of male lion. Croc hanging out on the sand.
Female lion tearing apart a kill. Look at the size of that baboon! Or is it spelled baffoon?
Cub inhaling young buffalo. Cub taking a stroll.
Drinking out of an elephants footprint. Driveway to flatdogs filled with giraffes.
Bull Elephant . Elephants coming out of watering hole.
Female lion looking back. Female lion taking a walk.
Female lion walking at night. . Giraffes.
Giraffe at sunset . Group of elephants drinking and playing.
Herd of Elephants. Hippo city .
Hippo in drying pool . Hippos exitiing the water .
Hyena. Impala in a tree killed by leopard.
Lagoon. Local fisherman.
Lunch spot. View from lunch spot.
Male and female lion. Male and female lion looking back.
Male cape buffalo. Male kudu.
Male lion. a.k.a Arthur Male lion with vultures in the background.
Mating lions. Mike eating in the tree.
Mike in our Safari Vehicle. Mike with the guides.
Mom and cub tired of eating. Mom looking at cub over shoulder.
Old male with baby buffalo kill . Orphan elephant - mom was killed in local village.
Our tent at flatdogs camp . Passing by a village.
Zebras. Pride of lions eating a buffalo.
Pride of lions with a kill. Powerful jaws rip the carcas to pieces .
Remains of a buffalo . Relax, it's just a yawn .
Rock python . Run away warthogs!.
Sausage Tree . Storks.
Sun coming through the clouds . The banded mongoose having fun with the flatdogs dog.
The Bee eater. The elusive leopard.
The pride of lions taking a rest. Time for a drink.
Tree with weavers nest in bottom left. Two female lions.
View of elephants from our tent . Vultures.
Walking safari . Zebras..
Zebras and Boubo tree. Mike and Andrea at Victoria Falls.
Another picture of Andrea and Mike at Victoria falls.. Picture of Victoria falls from the south.
Andrea jumping into the Devil's pool. Andrea looking over the edge of Victoria falls.
Mike living on the edge of the falls in the Devil's pool. The main part of Victoria falls.
Rafting on the Zambezi river. Hitting the waves.
Mike bodyboarding. Mike dying in the rapids.
Andrea bodyboarding. Andrea on lower Zambezi with elephant in background.
Canoeing down the mighty Zambezi. Elephants from the canoe.
Cape bufalo on lower Zambezi. Crocodile on the banks of the Zambezi.
Elephants on lower Zambezi. Hippo on Zambezi.
Lower Zambezi and close encounter with elephants. Mike bathing in the middle of the Zambezi.
Locals on the Zambezi. Local woman fishing on the Zambezi.
Mike and Andrea with elephants. Andrea with baby elephant.
Orphan baby elephant . Mike had a huge breakfast.
VIDEO of male lion with the kill. VIDEO of lions with the kill.
Video of Elephant walking right through the camp. VIDEO of baby elephant.
VIDEO of leopard walking. VIDEO of hippos.

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